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Opiniones de Vitl 2023

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  • Diet & Nutrition
Escrito por David Schmidt en 1 de abril de 2023
  • Diet & Nutrition

Stop Experimenting with Diet and Fitness Regimens that Won’t Work for You!

Vitl Review

Founded in 2015, Vitl is one of the newer healthcare startups offering free consultations to determine your nutritional needs based on your DNA. Knowing the best approach for your body could save you time and money by not having to experiment with diets and workouts that won’t work for you.

If you don’t yet have a nutrition plan, you could consider taking a Vitl DNA nutrition test, but beware the subtle sales pitch for its non-synthetic vitamin supplements (with vegan and vegetarian options available).

It’s vital that you know the ins and outs before you take Vitl’s test, so let me take you on a tour.

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A Simple Way to Send In Your DNA

One way in which Vitl stands out from other DNA tests is in its presentation. The test arrives in a bright yellow box that slides open when you pull a ribbon on the front, which makes it feel more like a gift rather than a scientific test.

Vitl Review

Whether it’s your first at-home test or your fiftieth, the process is straightforward and painless:

  1. Order online, for delivery to the USA, UK, and most European countries
  2. Register your kit using the enclosed code
  3. Collect your cheek swab sample
  4. Return the sample in the prepaid envelope provided
  5. Wait for notification that your results are ready

You can collect your sample at any time of the day, just be sure not to eat or drink anything for at least an hour before taking the test.

5 Standout Features of Vitl

1. Find Workouts That Fit Your Muscle Composition

Understanding your body composition can be beneficial when deciding on an effective exercise routine. Vitl’s DNA Nutrition Test can provide vital insights into how your body stores fat and puts on muscle so that you know what speed and strength-based exercises will work best for you.

2. Discover What Micronutrients Your Body Has Difficulty Absorbing

Genes play a part in how well your body absorbs nutrients from the foods you eat. There are even deficiencies that can interfere with your ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. The Vitl test can tell you if your body is likely to have trouble absorbing key micronutrients, such as iron, omega 3, and vitamin D.

3. Learn What Effects Coffee and Alcohol Can Have on Your Health

Drinking coffee or alcohol can change a person’s behavior or complexion, potentially leading to adverse effects. Vitl’s DNA test can reveal traits related to popular beverages, such as flushing from alcohol or getting anxious after a cup or two of coffee.

4. Access Health Reports Backed by Scientific Evidence

Many of the insights provided by Vitl’s DNA test relate to food intolerances (e.g., gluten) or sensitivity to fruit sugars. It’s interesting to note that Vitl doesn’t report on things like lactose intolerance, because there’s not currently sufficient evidence to back up the role that genetics play. All of Vitl’s labs – whether for blood testing or DNA testing – have the highest accreditations and certifications.

5. Get Personalized Recommendations from Nutrition Experts

Vitl’s tests are accompanied by expert advice on how to get the most out of your results. The in-house team can tell you what to do with the results discovered from your DNA, which could form the basis of your new diet and fitness plan. A customer support team is also readily available to answer any questions you have along the way (more on that in just a bit).

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Snapshots of Genetic Traits in Multiple Categories

It takes only two to three weeks for Vitl’s Illumina-certified lab to analyze your DNA and notify you that your results are ready. From a simple cheek swab, Vitl generates a wealth of personalized information that is neatly organized into six categories:

  1. Diet and Intolerance
  2. Hair and Skin (Beauty)
  3. Fitness
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Sleep and Energy
  6. Vitamin Levels (Health)

Vitl Review

Diet and Intolerance

This category focuses on how your DNA can affect your digestion. The reports cover:


  • Appetite and binge eating
  • Use of dietary saturated fats
  • Alcohol flush
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Sweet tooth dental decay
  • Sweet tooth tendency
  • Colon transfer
  • IBS and GERD
  • Fructosuria
  • Caffeine-induced anxiety

Hair and Skin (Beauty)

This category focuses on how your DNA can affect your skin and hair appearance. The reports cover:

  • Skin antioxidant capacity
  • Premature greying (men)
  • Acne
  • Eczema


This category focuses on how your DNA can affect your ideal workout routines and how to best reach your fitness goals. The reports cover:

  • Glycolytic capacity in strength training
  • Lipid and glucose metabolism in speed sports
  • Fat vs. muscle composition


This category focuses on how your DNA can affect your body during pregnancy. The reports cover:

  • Omega 3 and 6 during pregnancy
  • Vitamin B12 in pregnancy
  • Pregnancy weight
  • Folate during pregnancy

Sleep and Energy

This focuses on how your DNA can affect your sleep habits. The reports cover:

  • Caffeine metabolism
  • Sleep bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Sleep behavior
  • Sleep movements

Vitamin Levels (Health)

This category focuses on how your DNA can affect your nutrient absorption. The reports cover:

  • Vitamin A
  • Omega 3 & 6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Folate

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One DNA Test, One Price

If we disregard its separate Vitamin and Cholesterol Blood Test, Vitl offers just one DNA test at a single price.

For a report of comparable detail, you’ll pay a similar price if you go with a competitor like or Vitagene. These vendors, however, also offer a greater range of tests (at various prices) to choose from.

It’s also worth noting that Vitl regularly has sales, which can equal greater value at the end of the day. More good news is that you’ll only have to submit a sample once, even if more reports are made available in the future – this is because your DNA data will never change.

You will have to pay for the shipping of your Vitl test kit, but the return postage for your sample is prepaid. You can pay by Apple Pay or with any major credit card.

Precio inicial74,95 US$

Satisfactory Support That Almost Answered All My Questions

Vitl’s website is clean, organized, and not overwhelming. For additional information, it includes links to an informative blog and an FAQ page:

Vitl Review

Since these resources didn’t answer all my questions, I contacted the company via email (from the UK) and received an initial reply within about six hours (from the US). We then interacted a few times on the same email thread.

While the representative didn’t answer all my questions about the traits Vitl tests for, she did tell me which countries the test kits can be shipped to:

Vitl Review

Consider a Test to Start Feeling Your Best

Vitl’s DNA test only reports on the parts of your genetics that are vital for diet and fitness, so it doesn’t provide the ancestry and congenial risk reports that competitors like MyHeritage and 23andMe offer. This said, it costs less and provides more targeted information in this specific category, so you get what you pay for.

The real value is in discovering what your DNA says about your body’s likely responses to diet and fitness before engaging with a nutritionist, finding a fitness coach, or embarking on your own ill-informed adventures into self-improvement.

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David Schmidt
David Schmidt
David Schmidt is a freelance writer, movie buff and degenerate boxing fan who currently resides in Southern California, not far from Los Angeles.

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