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Escrito por Gemma Davison en 1 de abril de 2023
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Does Really Beat the Doctor’s Office?

Does Really Beat the Doctor’s Office? provides STD testing for a number of infections at over 4,500 testing centers across the US. You simply purchase your chosen STD test online through the website and then head to your nearest testing center on the same day to provide your samples.

No appointment is necessary, there is no paperwork to fill out, and your samples are taken within minutes. Only blood and/or urine samples are required, depending on the test, so no intimate swabs will be taken.

Your tests are confidential and your medical information is secure and shared with no one but you. Within two days of your samples being taken your results report is delivered to your private online account. Doctor consultations are offered to all patients who test positive, and, at their discretion, these doctors can prescribe treatment and medication.

While some at-home STD testing providers, like MyLabBox, test for more conditions, provides affordable screening for the most common STDs in the US, including Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis.

Your samples are analyzed in CLIA-accredited labs, using tests that are FDA-approved. They use the same labs and tests as nearby hospitals and doctors, so there is no need to worry about the accuracy of the results.

Yes, the service is fast and discreet – but only to a point. You still have to attend a clinic to provide your sample. Does the speed, accuracy, and low price make up for having to attend a clinic? See what I found out in my review.

Book Your STDcheck Test Today!’s STD Testing – Lab STD Tests at 4,500+ Locations

The STD testing process with is pretty simple and convenient. Order your STD test online or via phone and head to the nearest test center of the over 4,500 spread across the US. Your samples are taken at the testing location with no prior appointment needed and your results are sent to your secure online account.

The current combined STD tests offered by are:

  • 10 Test Panel – Tests for the most common viral and bacterial STDs in the US: HIV Type 1 & 2, Herpes Type 1 & 2, Hepatitis A, B, & C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis.
  • 10 Test Panel with HIV RNA Early Detection
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Panel
  • Herpes 1 & 2 test

The individual STD tests offered are for:

Individual tests
Chlamydia Gonorrhea
Hepatitis A Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C Genital herpes
Oral herpes HIV RNA early detection test
HIV 1 & 2 antibody test Syphilis


Take Charge of Your Sexual Health With STDCheck

5 Standout Features of’s STD Tests

1. Convenient Same-Day Testing at Accredited Facilities

Same-day testing is available at over 4,500 CLIA-accredited facilities across the US, most of which are open during business hours Monday to Friday, and some are open on weekends. No appointments are needed and there are no long waiting times.

Get Your Fast, Discreet STD Test With STDCheck!

2. Doctor’s Consultation and Prescriptions Available

In the event of a positive test result, you’re offered a phone consultation with a doctor from’s network of licensed physicians. But this costs $95. They will answer any questions you may have and provide advice on treatment options. At the physician’s discretion, doctors can issue a prescription for positive gonorrhea, herpes, or chlamydia tests, which can be filled at a local pharmacy for an additional charge.

Get an Affordable STD Test & Prescription With STDCheck!

3. Private STD Testing and Secure Results promises to protect your privacy and anonymity. They do this in a number of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • 100% private testing – No ID is required at any of’s testing centers. When you purchase your test online, you’re given a unique identifying number, which allows the tests to be performed without your ID or even name.
  • Nondescript payment records – There will be no information on your payment records that reference STD testing. Charges from will appear on statements as ‘’.
  • Discreet emails – Any email communication is also marked as from ‘’. When your results are ready, the notification email will contain no indication of the nature of the test. Furthermore, won’t contact you via phone call or text, unless they have permission to do so.
  • Results not shared – doesn’t accept health insurance as a method of payment, which means that your testing history won’t be shared with your insurance provider or end up in your medical records.
  • Secure online account – Your results are delivered to your own secure online account, which can only be accessed by you. Your information is secured by strong encryption, preventing any leaks in privacy.

Book Your Discreet Test STDCheck!

4. Accurate Results with No Intimate Swabs

During the testing procedure, no physical examination is required and no intimate swabs are needed. Depending on the STD test being conducted, a blood or urine sample will be taken at the testing enter. A urine sample is used for gonorrhea and chlamydia testing, while blood samples are needed for herpes, hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV tests.

The tests from are 99% accurate as long as the window of the STD you’re testing for is observed. An STD window is the period of time it takes for the infection to be detected by test. Some STD tests have shorter windows than others, but the support team at can advise you on what tests you can take and when.

Get an Accurate, Non-Invasive STD Test From STDCheck!

5. HIV RNA Early Detection Test offers the only FDA-approved HIV RNA Early Detection Test, which has a sensitivity rate of 100% and a specificity of 99.83%. The test can detect HIV infection in as little to 9-11 days after exposure by screening the blood for the genetic material of the virus, as opposed to antibodies or antigens. This test is a good option for those that are concerned they have been exposed to HIV and would like to know the results as soon as possible.

Book A Fast HIV RNA Early Detection Test With

Quick Results to Take Quick Action

Results are delivered to your secure and confidential online account within 1-2 business days after your test. The HIV RNA Early Detection test may take an additional day. Plus, some states have regulations that require additional processing time. If you are wondering if you live in one of these states, you can contact one of’s Care Advisors via the 24/7 helpline.

The results report is very easy to understand (see sample below). The STDs you have been tested for are listed and the result is ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative’. It’s easy to print out the report and share with your doctor or partner if necessary. sample report

You can trust in the accuracy of your results as your samples are analyzed using FDA-approved STD tests in CLIA-certified testing centers, which are also used by local hospitals and doctors.

If you are concerned about your results or have tested positive for an infection, offers a consultation with a physician to answer any questions, discuss treatment, and issue a prescription that can be filled at a pharmacy near you.

Order Your STDcheck Test for Same Day Service!

Excellent Value-for-Money STD Testing, But Beware Hidden Costs

Comparing it to MyLabBox and LetsGetChecked, it’s clear that offers great value-for-money, particularly for it’s 10 Test Panel, which, unsurprisingly, screens for 10 STDs. Individual STD tests are also fairly priced, costing around the same as other lab testing companies, including HealthLabs and Personalabs.

Obviously, there are no shipping costs, as the samples are taken directly at the testing center, but there are some hidden costs to be aware of. Anyone who receives a positive result is offered a phone consultation with a doctor, but this costs $95. Plus, if you are prescribed medication, you can expect to pay around $30. doesn’t currently accept any form of insurance. However, you’re provided with an itemized receipt of which tests you have purchased, that you can use for insurance reimbursement, depending on your provider.

You may see it as a negative that insurance isn’t accepted, but it actually helps to protect your privacy, as your results are not reported to your insurance company or recorded on your permanent medical record.

You can pay for your STD tests with the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards and debit cards
  • Prepaid cards with the American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover logo
  • Paypal
  • Money orders and cashiers (phone orders only)
  • Health Savings Accounts (FSAs) and Flex Spending Accounts (HSAs)
  • Over 50 kinds of cryptocurrency
  • Pay later option (payment required before results released.

Order Your STDCheck Test Today!

Responsive and Friendly Live Chat

The live chat support for is excellent. I asked Grace a number of questions, and within minutes I had a helpful, concise, and friendly response. It wasn’t a one-off experience. I asked questions in the morning and in the afternoon, and on both occasions, I received a reply almost immediately that gave me all the information I needed, and a little extra.

stdcheck customer support

The support from the online contact form was not so successful. I inquired about being sent a sample results report to my email address, but received what appeared to be an automated or cut-and-paste response. This was a little disappointing, as I know there is a sample results report on the website via live chat support.

Responsive and Friendly Live Chat

Help and advice for customers is available around the clock with live chat and telephone support available 24/7. There is also an extensive knowledge base of frequently asked questions on the website, which covers a huge selection of general STD questions, as well as, information on Discover how the testing process works with, how to choose the right tests for you, what to expect from your results, how your privacy is protected, and payment options. also has an interesting blog with articles on relevant topics, some of which are really useful, such as:

  • How to Tell Your Partner You Have an STD
  • Is it the Flu or an STD? 11 Signs You Need to get Tested Immediately
  • How Soon Can I Get Tested for STDs After Unprotected Sex?

Get Tested With STDCheck Today!

Reliable and Accurate Testing without a Doctor’s Appointment offers a viable alternative to STD testing at a clinic or doctor’s appointment. All tests are FDA approved and carried out in CLIA-certified laboratories with speedy results delivered to your secure online account in just 24 to 48 hours.

Results are quicker than at-home STD tests as you don’t need to send your samples through the mail. Plus, you get peace-of-mind that your samples are collected by a trained healthcare provider if you’re not confident in doing it yourself.

There are a couple of drawbacks to’s service. At the moment only operates testing clinics across the US. For STD testing elsewhere, LetsGetChecked serves 28 countries. Plus, as no at-home test kits are available at the moment, so is probably not the best choice if you would prefer to take your samples in the privacy of your own home. Finally, there are no test options for mycoplasma and trichomoniasis, which are common STDs in the US.

Overall, is a great option for those you want to take control of their sexual health, but want to maintain their privacy.

Take Control of Your Sexual Health With STDCheck!


Does offer at-home STD testing?

No. offers solely lab-based STD testing in 4,500+ locations across the USA. The testing process is still discreet, quick, and confidential, but if you would prefer at-home STD tests,LetsGetChecked screens for a wide range of conditions. It may take slightly longer to receive your results, but you do get to collect your samples yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Do I need a physical or prescription to get tested with

Absolutely not. No physical or prescription from a physician is required. Simply order your test online and take your order form to your nearest testing center. Within 15 minutes your samples will be taken and you can continue on with your day.

How do test for STDs?

Don’t worry, doesn’t take any intimate genital samples for testing. All STD tests are performed through blood and/or urine samples to ensure accuracy. If you are taking a urine test, you should try not to urinate at least an hour before the test, so you can provide a sufficient sample. No special preparations are required prior to a blood test, unless you are taking the Wellness Panel that requires 12 hours fasting before the test.

Will anyone at labs know what I’m being tested for?

No they won’t, so you can be sure your privacy is protected. The testing facilities used by test for many other things, meaning no one at the lab will know why you are there or what you’re being tested for.

You are not required to show any ID at the lab, just your unique code that enables the lab to perform your test without taking any details from you. Plus, uses 128-bit encryption, so all communication and transactions between you and the website are secure and private.

What happens if I test positive for an STD?

If you test positive for an infection, will provide a doctor consultation and a written prescription for an additional $95 fee. If you are in an intimate relationship, they can also offer a written prescription for your partner for an extra $95.

Gemma Davison
Gemma Davison
Gemma is an Applied Biology graduate who has always had an interest in DNA, spending a few years after her degree researching epigenetics. She always keeps up to date with the latest advancements in DNA technology and has even DNA-tested her puppy.

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